Library Scanners

There are several scanners available at all locations of the University Libraries.

McWherter Library

  • 6 Epson 9 x 12 flatbed scanners - 1st Floor  Learning Commons 110
  • 3  microfilm scanners - 2nd Floor
  • One KIC scanner -  2nd Floor 

Lambuth Library

  • 4 Epson ( 3- 9 x12 flatbed); (1- 9 x 12 – scanner is part of inkjet printer)
  • 2 Brother ( 1 -8 ½ x 11 scanner); ( 1 - 9 x 12 – scanner is part of inkjet printer)
  • 1 HP Printer Scanner

Music Library

  • 14" x 17" flatbed scanner
  • 1 microfilm/microfiche reader/scanner.
  • 1 KIC scanner
  • Epson 9 x 12 flatbed scanner

Health Science Library

  • 14" x 17" flatbed scanner
  • 1 KIC scanner


If in need of assistance, please ask a Research and Instructional Services Student Assistant at the reference desk or use the quick reference guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size paper will my image print on?

A: All images will print on an 8 x 11 size paper.

Q: I saved my image to the desktop earlier, what happened to it?

A:  The system will automatically delete any images on the desktop, once you log off. 

Q: What format will my image scan be in?

A: Your image scan will be in a PDF format (Portable Document Format). It is possible to save multiple pages to one document.

Q: Can my document be emailed?

A:  Yes, use the browser to pull up your email account to attach the scanned document(s). 

Q: How much does it cost to use the microfilm scanners?

A: The microfilm scanners are free to use.  U of M faculty, staff and students can login with their UUID and password to use the scanners.  Guests must obtain a Special Privileges card from the Circulation desk.  After, obtaining a Special Privileges card from the Circulation desk, please see the RAD desk staff for a guest login.  Guests are allowed one login per day for two hours and use of the scanner is free.

Q: I am a guest, how do I print?

A:  Unfortunately, guests can not print.  Guests should bring a USB drive or other storage device because nothing can be saved on the computers.  Guests also, have the option of using their email account.

Q: I added an OPAC/Microcard to the microfilm scanner, but I do not see my image.  How can I see the OPAC/Microcard card?

A:  Select film type and the image should be visible. If image is not present, please see the RAD student on duty in room 216 or the RAD staff on the 1st floor.