Top-Notch Athletic Academic Support

All new students arrive on campus and have to adjust to college rigor, but athletes have to adjust to the rigor and so much more. With your demanding schedule in athletics, you have to really figure out how to balance academic focus with sports. We want to help you achieve your bachelor's degree or even go for a postgraduate degree. Tiger PAWS works with our Center for Athletic Academic Services (CAAS) to provide a good academic atmosphere. By going through the four-year Student-Athlete Development Plan, you'll gain the skills that will help you lock in academic success.

Key Elements

  • Academic Preparation
  • Educational Plans (commitment to major through formal declaration)
  • Help narrow and define a career plan
  • Finalize graduation timeline
  • Academic Counseling, Mentoring, Advising
  •  Academic Awards


  • CAT - Summer Program for Freshman
  • Orientation - Freshman & Transfer Students
  • ACAD 1100: Introduction to the University - Freshman & Transfer Students
  • Meetings with Advisors
  • Major Declaration
  • UNIV 3740: Preparing to Become a Professional

For more information and other aspects of the Center for Athletic Academic Services, please visit their website: https://www.memphis.edu/caas/