How Athletics Shapes The Whole Person

Athletic Excellence = Life Success

Being an athlete will impact your entire life. The unique challenges and experiences that our student-athletes face on campus every single day in their sport can be applied to bettering your life as a human, not just as an athlete. People often see you as an athlete first, but you are an individual first. With dreams, hopes, and fears, just like anyone else. PAWS will help you explore your strengths and interests off the field, so that you can reflect and grow.  The result: better performance back on the field and the emergence of a whole person.

Blue & Gray Games

The Blue & Gray Games were created by the University of Memphis Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). These events provide an opportunity for student-athletes to support their peers. Throughout the year, one competition is chosen for each sport and the entire student athletic body is encouraged to attend that competition. All Blue Games are in support of fall sports and all Gray Games are in support of spring sports.