FedEx Institute Additive Manufacturing Research Cluster


Additive Manufacturing is the application of advanced 3D printing technology to modern manufacturing and is among a new generation of advanced technologies enabling degrees of manufacturing precision, efficiency and flexibility never before possible. Unimaginable a decade ago, today, nearly any three-dimensional (3D) object can be fabricated using this technique. For instance, recent engineering and materials science advances now make it possible to use high-energy lasers to precisely deposit and fuse powder materials comprised of metal, plastic, and biocompatible materials, layer-by-layer, into a desired form directly from computer design files. As a result, industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, biomedical device, consumer electronics and durable goods are adopting this technology to manufacture existing and develop new products.

Areas of Research

  • Properties and performance of additively manufactured metals
  • Additively manufactured polymers and polymer based composites
  • Bio-fabrication of implantable tissues and devices
  • Business solutions utilizing additive manufacturing
  • Applications of Additive Manufacturing for Logistics

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