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bba management

BBA in Management

This degree program focuses on leadership, human resource and general management skills. This curriculum is designed to prepare students with the necessary tools for managerial success in an array of organizations and occupations. 

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bba in hr

BBA in Human Resource Management

This degree program is design specifically for those interested in pursuing careers in Human Resources. It is a perfect fit for students who are interested in attracting, motivating and retaining top talent within an organization. Students will also learn to apply organizational behavior, workforce training and conflict management in diverse business environments. 

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bba in international

BBA in International Business

This degree program prepares students for their careers by building a solid business knowledge base coupled with global markets and management practices. It allows students to focus their studies with a broad, interdisciplinary curriculum that combines theoretical and practical international business study with course work in the liberal arts including foreign language and area studies.

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MBA with a Management Concentration 

Take the next step in your career by earning a graduate degree from our accredited, nationally-recognized, award-winning program. A MBA with a concentration in management will help you move from the cube farm to the corner office.  

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PhD in Management

The doctoral program in management is a full-time, research-oriented program. Intensive research seminars are offered in human resource management, organizational behavior, strategic management, research methods, statistics and more. The goal of our program is to train students to publish cutting-edge, theory-driven research in premier scholarly journals so that they can obtain research-oriented academic positions at well-regarded universities and colleges. 

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Minors & Concentrations

entrepreneurship minor

Entrepreneurship Minor

The Entrepreneurship Minor is offered to students with any major at the University of Memphis. This minor is perfect for students who wish to expand their marketability and engage in creative, innovative mindsets. 

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entrepreneurship concentration

Entrepreneurship Concentration

The Entrepreneurship Minor is reserved for FCBE Management majors only. Bolster your academic expertise by choosing this concentration. 

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Additional Department Offerings


MILE Program

Qualifying students can participate in the MILE (Memphis Institute for Leadership Education) Leadership Mentoring Program and 2nd MILE Program, which are designed to provide extra leadership development opportunities. The MILE Program is sponsored by the Department of Management and is available to all majors in the Fogelman College of Business and Economics. The MILE Leadership Mentoring Program matches top students, primarily juniors and seniors, with local area business and organization leaders who serve as mentors for one academic year. MILE has a competitive application process that begins in mid-fall semester. The 2nd MILE Program allows students who have graduated from the MILE Program and who have another year before graduation to give back to the college and community by engaging in community service project work and serving as mentors to local area high school or middle school students.


SHRM Student Chapter

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a professional organization dedicated to the professional advancement of human resource (HR) management.  The University of Memphis Student Chapter of SHRM provides innovative programming for students to learn more about the HR profession and network with local HR professionals via professional chapter meetings, seminars, job shadowing, and internships.  Through regular meetings on campus, SHRM student members learn about the importance of career development in the HR field and, upon graduation, leave the University of Memphis with valuable networking contacts and industry knowledge.  Prepare for your HR future, join today!  Contact Dr. Kathy Tuberville (ktbrvlle@memphis.edu) or learn how to join SHRM. View the 2022 SHRM Student Chapter Calendar of Events

SHRM 2019 Leadership Board

SHRM 2019 Leadership Board

April Mitchell
Daniel Tate, President
Mary Merschat, Sec/Treasurer
Taylor Malone
Dr. Kathy Tuberville, Faculty Advisor
Tyler Stegall, MBA Representative and SHRM-Memphis College Relations Chair

SHRM 2016-2017 Superior Merit Award       #1 in the US Central Division SHRM Student Case Competition
SHRM Student Chapter Competition Team
#1 in the US Central Division SHRM Student Case Competition

International Business Student Organization (IBSO)

Our mission is to enhance the ability of FCBE students to perform and conduct business on a global scale with a superior understanding of the many diverse international market and business practices.

For more information, please contact:

Kelsey Chambers
Chief Executive Officer/President
International Business Student Organization (IBSO)
Email: kchmbrs5@memphis.edu

Management 4911 (Management majors) and BA 4911 for International Business Major—Internship Courses in the Management Department

Please apply for academic internship credit through the Fogelman Internship Network, https://www.memphis.edu/professional/internships/index.php

For information about the importance of internships from the University of Memphis, please view this video.


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