University of Memphis Awarded Grant for Dietary Supplement Study

Contact: Gabrielle Maxey

March 30, 2015 - Richard Bloomer, professor and chair of Health and Sport Sciences at the University of Memphis, has received a grant from IN-Ingredients to direct a clinical study evaluating the sleep benefits of a novel plant-based dietary supplement.

Millions of individuals suffer from poor sleep quality, and many turn to prescription medications to help get a good night's rest. Unfortunately, there are few natural alternatives available that have been shown to improve the quality or quantity of sleep. The study will test the effectiveness of two plant-based ingredients on sleep quality in men and women.

Investigators are recruiting healthy, non-smoking men and women between the ages of 18 and 65 to participate in this study. To be eligible to participate, individuals must report at least one of following: routine difficulty falling asleep; frequent waking (more than twice) during the night; routinely having bad dreams; restless sleep (tossing and turning throughout the night); or waking in the morning feeling tired.

Participants will be given either a supplement or a placebo for a four weeks, and measures of sleep quality will be collected throughout the study period. They will be paid $200 upon full completion of the study.

Those interested in participating or learning more should contact Jay MacDonnchadh at jjmcdnnc@memphis.edu or 901-831-0764.