UofM and City of Memphis Will Use Smart Technologies to Address Critical Challenges

August 21, 2015 - Our cities face complex challenges involving interconnected infrastructure systems such as transportation, water and sewer, communication, buildings and public services. The University of Memphis and the city of Memphis have agreed to collaborate on using smart technologies to find solutions to these pressing challenges.

Representatives from the city and the University will sign an agreement for the Memphis Smart City Innovation Program Monday, Aug 24, at 4:30 p.m. in the FedEx Institute of Technology Video Conference Room.

Under the Smart Cities Innovation Program, the city and the UofM will partner to pursue 21st century solutions to challenges confronting infrastructure, city services and civic engagement. Using conventional approaches, addressing these issues would require significant investment. Research universities like the UofM have the physical and human resources to help their cities meet these challenges by researching, developing and deploying innovative projects at a lower cost.

"Every great city needs a great university, contributing to its cultural experience, economic development, innovation environment and quality of life," said UofM President M. David Rudd. "Recent advances in the development of smart technologies are now opening up opportunities for cities to function more efficiently and effectively in serving their citizens. The University of Memphis is collaborating with the city of Memphis on 'smart' projects specifically designed to help resolve some of our most difficult challenges."

Brent Nair, the city's chief information officer, said, "We are excited to begin a new collaborative partnership with the University of Memphis in the Smart City Innovation Program. This program aligns perfectly with Mayor Wharton's priorities: create safe and vibrant neighborhoods, grow prosperity and opportunity for all, invest in our youth, and advance a culture of excellence in city government. One example is our partnership will be with Dr. Naveen Kumar, the University's new data science professor, who will be reviewing how data can be used to develop blight predictors."

Contact: Gabrielle Maxey