UofM Nursing Professor Featured on Nurse Practitioner Website

Dr. StrongJuly 17, 2015 - A professor from the University of Memphis Loewenberg School of Nursing is featured in NursePractitionerSchools.com, an online resource for prospective students interested in nursing. Dr. Genae Strong, associate professor of nursing, is profiled in the blog "20 Outstanding Professors of Women's Health Nursing."

Strong has more than 24 years of experience supporting breastfeeding women through teaching, research and service. She is an international speaker as well as author in the field of lactation. Focusing on breastfeeding education for pre-licensure nursing students, Strong is creating an innovative curriculum to address inadequacies among students thought to hinder development and delivery of competent nursing care. She is president of the Memphis Area Lactation Consultant Association and academic chair of the Shelby County Breastfeeding Coalition. Strong received the 2015 Award of Excellence in Education from the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses and was recently elected to the United States Lactation Consultant Association Board of Directors for Professional Development.

"Dr. Strong's scholarly work has focused on promoting breastfeeding as one of the World Health Organization's health promotion goals," said Dr. Lin Zhan, dean of the Loewenberg School. "She has provided outstanding leadership to increase awareness and knowledge of healthcare providers and nursing students to promote breastfeeding for healthy babies and women."

Read the entire blog at http://www.nursepractitionerschools.com/blog/womens-health-nursing-professors.

Contact: Gabrielle Maxey