Patriot Bank Makes $25,000 Donation to UofM's Finish Line Program

June 4, 2105 - Patriot Bank is making a gift of $25,000 to the University of Memphis' Finish Line program. The gift was announced at today's meeting of the Millington Rotary Club.

The Finish Line program encourages students who have dropped out after earning 90 or more credit hours to return to school to finish their degrees at low or no cost. Many of these students have to abandon their dreams of earning a degree because they have exhausted their financial aid or due to social factors, such as having to work full time to support a family. Finish Line students may take traditional or online courses, and may receive Experiential Learning Credit for knowledge or skills gained outside the University. Some earn credit through national exams.

"Patriot Bank's gift to the UofM Finish Line program will not only change the lives of our students, but have a profound impact on our community," said UofM President M. David Rudd. "It sends a strong message about the importance of not only starting but completing college. We are grateful for their support and commitment to our community."

Charles Ennis, chair and CEO of Patriot Bank, said, "Patriot Bank is proud to pledge our third $25,000 gift to the University of Memphis. This gift is designated to promote and support the Finish Line program specifically at the Millington and Collierville campuses. We recognize this tremendous opportunity former students are being given."

Funds may also be used to provide financial assistance to students as needed.

Some 101 students have re-enrolled at the UofM and earned their degrees through Finish Line; another 115 are expected to graduate by December.


Contact: Gabrielle Maxey