Grant Will Fund Study of HyperSound® Hearing Solutions Technology

October 16, 2015 - Dr. Shaum Bhagat, associate professor of audiology at the University of Memphis, has received a $17,852 grant from the Turtle Beach Corporation for a study of HyperSound® Hearing Solutions technology. The study will determine how the technology focuses sound waves in a direct path to the listener, possibly resulting in the higher clarity of sound.

The research will be conducted in the Hearing Science Research Laboratory and in the Community Health Building's anechoic chamber. The features of HyperSound® include narrow beam transmission of sound, which focuses the incident sound waves in a direct path to the listener. Designed to significantly diminish sound wave reflections in order to simulate a free field environment, the anechoic chamber provides an ideal means to evaluate the narrow beam characteristics of the HyperSound® Hearing Solutions emitters.

"We are very grateful to Turtle Beach Corporation for their support of this study. We would like to also thank Dr. Brian Taylor, director of clinical studies at Turtle Beach Corporation, for his assistance with this study," said Bhagat, who also is director of the Hearing Science Research Laboratory. "Examining this topic will lead to many direct applications, including better understanding of sound wave characteristics. This knowledge can be used in designing home entertainment systems or in public venues."

Contact: Gabrielle Maxey