Maurice Williams Receives Leadership Award for Efforts In Promoting Education Programs for Students With Intellectual Disabilities

December 14, 2016 - Maurice Williams, associate director of the University of Memphis Institute on Disability (UMID), received the Leadership Award at the recent State of the Art Conference on Postsecondary Education and Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. The conference is the annual meeting of universities and stakeholders associated with inclusive higher education programs for students with intellectual disabilities.

Williams was recognized for his efforts and leadership in promoting Inclusive Post Secondary Education (IPSE) programs in Tennessee and the Mid-South, for developing avenues to start IPSE programs at historically black colleges and universities, and for his leadership on the steering committee of the Southeast Alliance of Inclusive Post Secondary Education Programs.

"Moe has been the soul of our TigerLIFE program at the University of Memphis Institute on Disability," said Dr. Chrisann Schiro-Geist, professor and director of UMID. "This is a vocationally oriented program for young adults with intellectual disabilities who learn job skills and independence while being socially included on campus. Moe knows each of our students with disabilities and provides person-centered guidance to them and their families. He exemplifies professionalism using his two master's degrees from the UofM in Special Education and Not-for-Profit Administration in various aspects of our work. He engages and challenges the graduate assistants and undergraduate student workers who support our TigerLIFE program, and he is  a role model for our staff in the area of Inclusive Post-Secondary Education. He is very deserving of national recognition." 

The award was presented by Stephanie Lee, past president of the National Down Syndrome Association and co-chair of the U.S. Senate Education Committee for the Accreditation of IPSE. Also attending the conference was Madeline Will, former assistant secretary of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services under President Ronald Reagan.

Contact: Gabrielle Maxey