Dr. Marcy Purnell Named Chair of Excellence in Loewenberg College of Nursing

April 17, 2017 - Dr. Marcy C. Purnell has been named the William A. and Ruth F. Loewenberg Chair of Excellence at the University of Memphis.

Purnell, director of nursing research, is revolutionizing medicine through research on a bio-electric field enhancement technology (BEFE) that could benefit cancer patients. She began her research on a BEFE footbath in 2008 after learning about its health benefits. Users of the technology, which was invented in Australia, has reported improvements in diabetes, wound care, cancer, autism and Alzheimer's disease.

"Dr. Purnell's cutting-edge research has great potential to benefit humankind, especially how we treat and manage chronic diseases," said Dr. Lin Zhan, Loewenberg College dean. "The research is innovative and scientifically rigorous. I am thrilled that she has been named our college's chair of excellence."

Purnell's studies found that directing current into a set of conductive rings in water for 30 minutes has a positive affect on individuals. When a cell is enveloped in energy in a form it can use, it begins operating as it was designed to, she explains. "A cancer cell begins to behave like a normal cell and a normal cell works like it should." She began her research with bench work and is completing her phase one clinic trial by the end of this month.

Purnell joined the UofM faculty in 2011. She received her BSN and PhD from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and her MSN from the Loewenberg College of Nursing.

Contact: Gabrielle Maxey