UofM Receives THEC Grant to Create Memphis Career Preparation Academy

August 3, 2017 - The Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) has awarded a total of $773,447 to the University of Memphis and three community colleges to increase student success and outcomes.

The grants, through the Institutional Outcome Improvement Fund Grant, will allow institutions to focus on student outcomes in areas such as credit-hour progression and degree completion.

The UofM will receive $188,904 over two years to create the Memphis Career Preparation Academy (MCPA). The MCPA will be a holistic, coordinated approach to career education targeting low-income and first-generation college students. The University will expand on the Complete to Compete program, which supports student success and retention initiatives.

"The University of Memphis is committed to preparing students for the ever-evolving work force," said Dr. Darrell C. Ray, vice president for Student Affairs. "THEC's support of the Memphis Career Preparation Academy positions UofM Career Services to be intentional and strategic in creating a competitive advantage for students as they define their futures."

Key elements of the Memphis Career Preparation Academy will focus on engaging students in the career decision-making process in the first year, allowing them to map career paths to academic majors and strategically craft experiences to support their long-term goals. This may include taking advantage of leadership development programs, campus involvement opportunities, academic research, study abroad and internships. More importantly, it will allow students to interact with key employers to prepare them for the transition into the workforce.

In addition, this fall the UofM will expand its Career Services to provide career specialists connected to the academic colleges. Targeted support will connect students with increased access to career support based on their academic major. 


Gabrielle Maxey