FedEx Institute of Technology Builds on Commitment to Biologistics Research

March 24, 2017 - In the second year since establishing the Biologistics Research Cluster, the FedEx Institute of Technology remains committed to funding research projects in this emerging field and has awarded five grants for 2017. Biologistics can be defined as the management of the safe flow of high-value, temperature-sensitive and time-critical biological materials as they are delivered for patient care, analyzed for diagnostic purposes, processed to higher value products, or stored to meet physical and data archival needs. Research scholars from the College of Arts & Sciences and the Herff College of Engineering will lead the projects.

The projects chosen reflect the diversity of this field. They include: developing a microscopic structured energy storage using nanoengineering technology; field testing for lung cancer; the management of freight transportation networks in the aftermath of disaster; developing packaging solutions to address issues leading to waste; and designing, building and testing a shipping material prototype that can potentially outperform existing technologies currently used in the cold-chain industry.

The 2017 Biologistics Awards were presented to:

  • Nano-Enabled Energy Storage Device: Nanoengineering Approach (Sanjay Mishra);
  • Biologistics of Lung Cancer and Management: Compact Tabletop Instrumentation and Efficient Logistics (Prabhakar Pradhan);
  • Remote End-to-End Temperature Tracking for Regulatory Compliance (Firouzeh Sabri);
  • Post-Disaster Management of Freight Transportation Networks: Phase 2 (Charles Camp, Shahram Pezeshk); and
  • Advanced Aerogel Packaging Solutions for Cold-Chain Biologistics (Firouzeh Sabri, Jeffrey Marchetta). 

The researchers received their awards and designation as 2017 Biologistics Research Fellows at the annual Biologistics Lightning Talks & Reception on March 16. For more information on the Biologistics Research Cluster, visit memphis.edu/fedex/biologistics.

Contact: Mary Ann Dawson