UofM and FedEx Institute of Technology Celebrate Record Year in Technology Innovations at 2017 Inventor Celebration

Recognizes 10 U.S.-Issued Patents Received and the Investment in Eight New Technologies Under Development for Commercialization

October 17, 2017 - The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) hosted the 2017 University of Memphis Inventor Celebration to honor and recognize those who have received patents for their inventions and/or intellectual property during the last year. The celebration culminated an extraordinary year for the University, receiving a record 10 patents – an achievement that highlights the research capabilities at the UofM. The event, held Oct. 16 at the UofM FedEx Institute of Technology, featured remarks by Dr. Jasbir Dhaliwal, UofM chief innovation officer and executive director of the FedEx Institute, and Dr. Hai Trieu, OTT director; and keynote addresses by Isaac Rodriguez, co-founder, chief executive officer and chief science officer at SweetBio, and Kayla Rodriguez Graff, co-founder and chief operating officer at SweetBio.

Additionally, the OTT recognized eight inventors who recently received grants to further the research and development of their technologies toward commercialization. These grants, awarded for the 2017-2018 academic year, promote faculty innovations and support the ever-expanding University research profile.

Patents include:

  • Patent No. 9,491,087 - Devices and Methods for Forwarding Information Base Aggregation; Xin Zhao, Yaoqing Liu, Beichuan Zhang; Lan Wang
  • Patent No. 9,552,526 - Image Processing Using Cellular Simultaneous Recurrent Network; John K Anderson and Khan Iftekharuddin
  • Patent No. 9,557,413 - Surveillance and Tracking System and Method; Robert Kozma, Orges Furxhi, Khan Iftekharuddin, Lan Wang, Ross Deming, Serji Consul-Pacareu
  • Patent No. 9,556,576 - Metal Complex Catalysts and Uses Thereof; Xuan Zhao and Charles E Webster
  • Patent No. 9,599,092 - Wind Generator System with Multiple Turbines; Md Maruf Hossain and Mohd Hasan Ali
  • Patent No. 9,603,522 - Detecting Neurochemical or Electrical Signals Within Brain Tissue; Kendall Lee, Kevin Bennet, Charles Blaha
  • Patent No. 9,642,948 - Compositions and Methods for Delivering an Agent to a Wound; Warren Haggard, Scott Noel, Joel Bumgardner
  • Patent No. 9,662,400 - Methods for Producing a Biodegradable Chitosan Composition and Uses Thereof; James Keaton Smith, Ashley Parker, Jessica Jennings, Benjamin Reves, Warren Haggard
  • Patent No. 9,700,246 - Method and Device for Detection of Bioavailable Drug Concentration in Fluid sample; Edward Chaum, Erno Lindner, Jidong Guo
  • Patent No. 9,733,351 - Surveillance and Tracking System and Method; Robert Kozma, Orges Furxhi, Khan Iftekharuddin, Lan Wang, Ross Deming, Serji Consul-Pacareu

Technology grants include:

  • Fully Passive Wireless ECG and SpO2 Monitoring System on Smartphone Using Low-Cost Disposable Body-Worn Inkjet Printed Sensor; Bashir Morshed
  • A Novel Cost-Effective Method for Improving Transient Stability of Grid-Connected Wind Generator; Mohd Hasan Ali
  • Fully Automatic, Real-Time Lead Analysis System for Community-Based Monitoring and Early Warning; Gary Emmert
  • Modular Amphibious Unmanned Aerial System for Environmental Sampling and Analysis; William Alexander
  • Fetal Transport System; Randal Buddington
  • Multi-Focal-Light Sheet Structure Illumination Fluorescence Microscopy: Illumination Module, Method and Software to Obtain 3D Super-Resolved Images with Improved Optical-Sectioning; Chrysanthe Preza
  • Expression+: An Assistive Solution for Affect-Enabled Dyadid Conversation; Mohammed Yeasin
  • Raman Exosome Assay for Cancer Liquid Biopsy; Xiaohua Huang

The FedEx Institute of Technology has pioneered work in biologistics, unmanned and autonomous systems, cybersecurity, smart cities and many other emerging technologies. By constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in Memphis, the Institute is providing opportunities in innovative technologies to boost one of the critical components of any academic institution – the original contributions of its research. The FedEx Institute's Office of Technology Transfer is leading the Mid-South in revolutionary inventions and innovations that help raise the bar and our role in Memphis, and nationally, as a leader in technology.

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