UofM Lambuth Campus Experiences Impressive Growth

September 26, 2017 - The University of Memphis Lambuth is continuing to experience impressive growth. The UofM has invested approximately $9 million in the infrastructure of the Lambuth campus since the state acquired the property in 2011, which includes roofing, windows, outside LED lighting, new HVAC systems and elevator projects. Most recently, the University had Epworth Hall, a residence hall that was in disrepair for 40 years, removed. Plans are to install a garden area and using some of the bricks from the building for the walkways in the area.

An $11 million request has been made to renovate Spangler and Sprague Halls, both former residence halls, into academic space, specifically to accommodate the continued growth in the Nursing program.

"It is simply amazing to see an almost 300 percent growth rate from 246 enrolled in fall 2011," said Dr. Niles Reddick, vice provost of UofM Lambuth. "The continued investment the University makes at the Lambuth campus in Jackson, combined with the strategic offerings, has resulted in this tremendous success. Nursing is our largest and fastest growing program with over 160 students today compared to 20 in 2012.  A 700 percent growth in an academic program is absolutely phenomenal. Our intention is to continue on this positive trajectory and meet workforce development needs."

Students who would like to learn more about UofM Lambuth are encouraged to attend the fall open house on Saturday, Oct. 21. For more information, visit www.memphis.edu/lambuth.

Gabrielle Maxey