Leading Canadian Medical Technology Company to Relocate And Partner with UofM’s FedEx Institute of Technology

February 7, 2018 - The University of Memphis today signed a memorandum of understanding that will help bring the U.S. operations of Canadian medical technology company Daya Medicals Inc. to the University campus.

A leading provider of mobile medical devices and patient-centric data analytics, Daya Medicals plans to relocate from Waterloo, Canada, to work with the FedEx Institute of Technology's Biologistics Research Cluster. The partnership will allow Daya Medicals to engage UofM faculty and graduate students in research collaboration, innovation design, market expansion and partner development activities.

"We are excited to partner with the FedEx Institute of Technology's Biologistics Research Cluster," said Justin Daya, CEO of DayaMed. "Given the expertise and graduate research students at the University, our plan is to start initially with a collaboration in research, specifically, in the biomedical data analytics field. Over time, UofM undergraduate students will become the key resource as we set up a national biologistics network to support operations. Troy Parkes will assist with DayaMed's local operations and develop the partnership with the University. Our analysis suggests that the strengths of the University of Memphis and the extensive FedEx global hub in Memphis provide a good foundation to build a world-class biologistics distribution network for DayaMed."

"The enormity of the U.S. market is a major draw for new technology companies," said Dr. Jasbir Dhaliwal, UofM Chief Innovation Officer. "Not only is Memphis a regional medical center, it's a world-class logistics hub thanks to FedEx. The partnership with Daya Medicals will further UofM's ongoing efforts to become a national and international leader in biologistics. We are pleased that Daya Medicals recognizes the value that our students can bring to its innovation and growth."

"We are excited to welcome Daya Medicals to our campus," said UofM President M. David Rudd. "This is yet another opportunity for UofM to provide unparalleled opportunities for students to gain real-world work experience and participate in cutting-edge research initiatives. Collaborating with new technology companies around the world is a top priority. UofM students are primed to lead the industries of the future, and we look forward to continuing to expand our partnerships with businesses in Tennessee and beyond."

To learn more about the FedEx Institute of Technology, go to memphis.edu/fedex.

To learn more about Daya Medicals Inc., go to dayamed.com.


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