322 Percent Increase: Enrollment at UofM Lambuth Reaches Record of 1,038

February 16, 2018 - Enrollment at the University of Memphis Lambuth for the spring 2018 semester has reached 1,038 ¬– a record for the campus, representing a 322 percent increase.

The UofM began operations at the Lambuth campus with 246 students in fall 2011.

"We are so pleased with the growth at the UofM Lambuth campus and plan to continue this positive trajectory," said Dr. Niles Reddick, vice provost of the campus. "Nursing is our largest degree program with approximately 160 students, but we're seeing growth in multiple programs, including Biology, Communication, Education, English, Journalism, Music, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work and interdisciplinary programs in University College. We're also seeing an uptick in our online courses. Our doctoral program in Educational Leadership has seen a great deal of growth.

"UofM Lambuth works closely with employees who want to complete their education, with employers through internships, and in employment of our students after graduation. The campus has been a 'value-added' to West Tennessee."
In the spring 2017 semester, UofM Lambuth had 848 students. The 2018 number shows a 22 percent growth over last year. It also represents a 10.6 percent increase over fall 2017, when the Lambuth campus enrollment was 938.

“The growth of the University of Memphis Lambuth continues to be a tremendous success," said UofM President M. David Rudd. "Not only does it provide a quality education, but the UofM Lambuth campus is an excellent resource for West Tennessee. I am proud of the tireless work of Dr. Niles Reddick and the UofM Lambuth faculty, staff and students in helping the campus continue to reach the vision we imagined."