University of Memphis Has Lowest Tuition Increase in State Over Last Five Years

November 27, 2018 - The University of Memphis has the lowest total tuition and fee increases in the State of Tennessee over the past five years by a substantial margin at 11.9 percent.

The UofM is the only public institution of higher education in Tennessee to not have a tuition increase in two of the last five years, and has the lowest rate of average tuition increase (1.7 percent) over the last five years.

"The single most important measure the University of Memphis can take to improve retention and graduation rates is to contain student costs," said President M. David Rudd. "We have studied the challenges our students face in great depth and detail. The single greatest challenge for our students is financial."

Over the past five years, the UofM's average tuition increase has been 1.7 percent, compared to 7.4 percent over the previous decade and a half.

"It will not be possible to hold tuition flat every year given increased infrastructure and support costs that continue to rise," said Rudd. "We are dedicated, however, to both supporting our students and containing costs in the most effective manner possible."

Over the same five-year period, Middle Tennessee State University's tuition and fees increased by 17.4 percent, the University of Tennessee Knoxville's jumped 29.3 percent and East Tennessee State University's rose by 23 percent. Tennessee community colleges averaged a 17.3 increase.