University of Memphis Out-of-State Tuition Costs Reduced

October 23, 2018 - Most out-of-state students at the University of Memphis will have a sizable cut in tuition under a simplified four-tier tuition structure approved by the Board of Trustees in September. The restructuring sets tuition for Tennessee residents, out-of-state residents, international students and UofM Global (online) students.

"The number one barrier to receiving a college education is cost," said UofM President M. David Rudd. "This initiative is an effort to make tuition more affordable and to grow the University's regional, national and international appeal. It also allows the University of Memphis to be even more selective in admissions. These modifications significantly decrease the difference above in-state tuition for students nationally."

Under the new system, students from outside a 250-miles radius of the UofM will see a considerable decrease in costs. The changes will significantly reduce the amount above in-state tuition that students from around the country have to pay.

"The mission, vision and core values of the University of Memphis focus on delivering high-quality, affordable, academic programs of excellence through various modes to the best and brightest students across the globe," said UofM Provost Karen Weddle-West. "The four-tier tuition structure, following the announcement of the zero tuition increase in 2018, is another exemplar of the University's continuing commitment to facilitate accessibility to higher education to produce graduates who are innovative, entrepreneurial and well-prepared to meet work force needs, and serves as a testament to the visionary leadership of President M. David Rudd."

Undergraduates from outside the state will pay an additional $160 per credit hour over that of Tennessee residents; international students will pay an extra $320 per hour. UofM Global students and Tennessee residents, including those from five border counties (DeSoto, Marshall, Tate and Tunica in Mississippi and Crittenden in Arkansas) will not see a change next semester under the new structure. Out-of-state students ­– both undergraduate and graduate – who are not from one of the border counties but live within a 250-mile radius of the University will be able to take advantage of a national rate which is lower and highly competitive with peer universities.

"We recognized that we as a University needed to take the issue of cost head-on," said UofM CFO Raaj Kurapati. "We believe that going forward the way to continue to keep costs down for all students is to build our overall student base. We do so by recruiting the best and brightest students from Tennessee and nationally, by offering high-quality programs at the lowest possible price point. Our new tuition structure aims to do just that while we continue to make strategic investments to build and sustain first-rate academic programs."