Silicon Valley Startup i2Chain Licenses Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication System Patent from University of Memphis

November 25, 2019 - The University of Memphis Research Foundation (UMRF) has signed an agreement to license a U.S. patent for an Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication System invented and developed by a team led by Dr. Dipankar Dasgupta, professor of Computer Science and director of the Center for Information Assurance (CfIA).

The patent is licensed to i2Chain, a San Francisco area cybersecurity startup, which plans to evolve adaptive authentication for its own applications as well as offer the technology as a service to other identity providers.

Ajay Jotwani, co-founder and CEO of i2Chain, is upbeat about engaging the University of Memphis’s industry-leading cybersecurity research expertise.

“Digitalization and new privacy laws are forcing companies to enact creative and proven solutions to secure their identity and information,” Jotwani said. “This invention allows us to improve the identity defense as well as build research collaboration with Dr. Dasgupta and the Center for Information Assurance at the UofM.”

Founded in May 2018, i2Chain focuses on securing information and identity using immutable ledger, access rights and advanced cryptography to empower companies as they securely share and transact identity and information.

“The future of business is defined by creating cybersecurity solutions that use innovative research-driven solutions to reduce a nearly constant stream of data breaches, hacking and cyber threats,” said Dasgupta. “Our partnership with i2Chain is a great opportunity to help a rising leader in the cybersecurity landscape accelerate its growth while mitigating the threats faced by businesses of every size.”

“The Adaptive-MFA significantly enhances i2Chain's capability to defend identity and enable secure information sharing,” adds Sanjay Jain, co-founder and CTO. “In addition, this patent is an indispensable invention in the process of continuous and biometric identity validation.”

For more information on technology license agreements, contact Hai Trieu at hhtrieu@memphis.edu.


Mary Ann Dawson | mdawson@memphis.edu

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