Acclaimed Immigration Law Firm Siskind Susser Partners with UofM

January 21, 2020 - Siskind Susser, an internationally acclaimed immigration law firm based in Memphis, has partnered with the UofM to assist companies in the UMRF Research Park.

“So much of my work is done in Silicon Valley and New York,” attorney Jason Susser said. “As a two-time graduate of the UofM, it’s exciting to be able to do this work locally and help spur innovation in my hometown.”

The firm, which has clients in all 50 states and in most countries, became involved with the UMRF Research Park through the startup bootcamp program Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) that concluded at the end of October.

GIST is a U.S. Department of State month-long proof of concept in which CEOs from each international company are immersed in a startup bootcamp. The University of Memphis was one of a handful of research institutions selected to host program participants.

 Siskind Susser offered advice and guidance to the participants and is currently advising two of the companies that went through the program. The firm will continue its work with the UMRF Research Park, exploring other opportunities to retain foreign talent.

“We advise other universities in similar ways and look forward to making the process of relocating businesses to the UMRF Research Park as supportive and appealing as possible for foreign national entrepreneurs and employees,” Susser said.

The CEOs and startups that came to the UofM for the GIST program were Olzhas Satiyev, WebTotem; Teddy Pejoski, Blueprint; and Bourzhan Shalbayev, Clicklog.

 "Having Siskind Susser advising our partner companies will help these startups on their transition to moving to the U.S., and more specifically to the UMRF Research Park,” said Troy B. Parkes, director of the UMRF Research Park.

A SaaS platform for monitoring and protecting websites, WebTotem offers website owners, small businesses and companies of all sizes security monitoring and protection. Blueprint shortens the timeline for building software from months to minutes by using the its simple metalanguage, allowing for non-technical users to create complex web applications instantly. Clicklog provides automated dimensioning and optimal plans for loading cargo onto trucks and containers.

“The UofM continues to be a national model for securing and retaining innovative startups and helping them grow and thrive in our UMRF Research Park,” said Ted Townsend, chief economic development and government relations officer for the University of Memphis. “We look forward to a long-term partnership with Siskind Susser and the immense value they will bring to the University.”

Opened in early 2019, the UMRF Research Park operates in collaboration with the Office of Economic Development and Government Affairs and has quickly become known as an innovation hub, attracting global talent to enhance the greater community that the University serves.