U.S. News & World Report National Rankings Soar as University of Memphis Continues as No. 1 in Tennessee

January 14, 2020 - The University of Memphis continues to be ranked No. 1 in Tennessee in the 2020 U.S. News & World Report rankings of online programs as the UofM’s status has soared nationally over the past three years.

The seven UofM Global programs that are ranked nationally include:

·       Online Nursing Program for Veterans, No. 13 

·       Online Criminal Justice (graduate), No. 24 (increased from No. 51-67 in 2018)

·       Online Nursing (graduate), No. 31

·       Online Bachelor’s Programs for Veterans, No. 34

·       Online Bachelor’s Program, No. 52 (increased from No. 125 in 2018)

·       Online MBA, No. 62 (increased from No. 89 in 2018)

·       Online Education (graduate), No. 96 (increased from No. 150 in 2018)

“This progress is the result of the hard work of our great faculty and staff over the past six years,” said UofM President M. David Rudd. “Six years ago, we had only a single program ranked, our online MBA. We have made remarkable progress, with improvement in nearly every domain.”

Six UofM programs are ranked No. 1 in Tennessee, with Online MBA tied for second place.

“We take tremendous pride in our U.S. News & World Report rankings,” added Dr. Richard Irwin, executive dean for UofM Global & Academic Innovation. “Our impressive and consistent ascension is a testament to the UofM’s commitment to quality academic programming and student services. This work, and the subsequent rankings, places us within an elite class of online program providers.” 

Four programs showed significant increases in the last three years: Online Bachelor’s rose to No. 52 from 125; Criminal Justice improved to No. 24 from No. 51-67; Online MBA jumped to No. 62 from No. 89; and Online Education moved into the top 100 from No. 150.