ICFGM makes $5,000 grant to benefit international students at UofM

June 24, 2020 - The Indian Community Fund for Greater Memphis (ICFGM) has made a $5,000 grant to benefit international students at the University of Memphis.

The grant to the International Student Emergency Fund will support international students at the UofM who are unable to return home or obtain employment during the pandemic. The health emergency has affected international students in multiple ways. About 350 international students are unable to return home over the summer break due to COVID-19 travel bans and stay-at-home orders. International students are unable to obtain on-campus employment or external internships. Many have had their internships canceled due to the pandemic.   

The fund assists students who are struggling to pay expenses such as housing, health insurance, food, transportation and other essential needs. 

“The Indian Community fund for Greater Memphis is a local charity working to support community service programs and advocate philanthropy in the Greater Memphis area,” said Anupam Lahiri, ICFGM board chair. “On behalf of the Indian community, it is our honor to assist the international students who are struggling to afford expenses during this difficult time.” 

The University hosts students from all over the world, with 72 foreign countries represented by more than 500 international students. International students excel in their fields of study, contribute to research and innovation, and help make Memphis a diverse and inclusive community. The UofM is dedicated to supporting them during these challenging times.