UofM Lambuth announces establishment of Carl Perkins Scholarship 

Oct. 7, 2020 — The University of Memphis Lambuth has established the Carl Perkins Scholarship for students in the Music and Entertainment program. 

A legendary singer-songwriter himself, Perkins also worked with Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, George Harrison and many other big-name musicians throughout his career. A longtime Jackson resident, Perkins’ funeral was held on the Lambuth campus in 1998.  

“My dad would be so honored and humbled by this scholarship,” said Stan Perkins on behalf of the family. “When my dad was young, he only had an eighth-grade education because he had to go to work. Times were different then. Also, he never experienced a high school graduation. Later in life, Lambuth College honored my dad by bestowing onto him an honorary doctorate. That was the first time he ever wore a cap and gown. My dad loved and was thankful for Lambuth, and now, the whole family appreciates the University of Memphis Lambuth for honoring the Perkins name.” 

UofM Lambuth dean Niles Reddick added, “I am humbled to work with the Perkins family to establish this scholarship in honor of Carl Perkins. Perkins’ influence continues to impact the music world, and we believe this scholarship will also impact the music world by assisting extremely talented students.” 

Recently, the UofM Lambuth Music and Entertainment program was the recipient of a $250,000 gift from Wes Henley, who was Perkins’ guitar player. Henley played with multiple well-known artists including The Who, George Harrison, Don Henley, Charlie Daniels and more.  

“Carl would be very honored by this scholarship,” Wes Henley said. “He loved helping young artists.” 

Dr. Jeremy Tubbs, director of the UofM Lambuth Music and Entertainment program, believes this scholarship will add significant value to his program.  

“What a wonderful addition to our program to have a Carl Perkins Scholarship,” Tubbs said. “We’re about student success, not just in a class, but in the industry and in life.”