University of Memphis to Receive $5.488 Million for Campus Safety & Security from the State of Tennessee

April 20, 2023 — The University of Memphis will receive $5.488 million earmarked for campus safety and security upgrades this fiscal year after Gov. Bill Lee’s recommendation passed the State of Tennessee Legislature Wednesday at the State Capitol.

”We are extremely grateful to Gov. Bill Lee and the State of Tennessee Legislature for the approval of our ask of $5.488 million in order to help the University of Memphis continue its ongoing investments in enhancing safety and security on our campus,” said UofM President Bill Hardgrave.

“Having a safe, thriving campus is our No. 1 priority. The University of Memphis will continue to fund proven measures that ensure our students, faculty and staff feel safe on our campus.”

The non-recurring $5.488 million in funds the UofM will receive will be utilized as:

  • $2.193 million for upgrade and installation of LED Lighting
  • $1.46 million for perimeter fencing and parking lot access control
  • $773,000 for intelligent camera installations
  • $750,000 for a comprehensive notification system
  • $312,000 for mobile trailers and patrol vehicle replacements

In 2021, a campus-wide security assessment was performed by THEC and Homeland Security. Opportunities to improve campus safety indicated a need for the five areas above that are receiving funding.

Safety and security are the No. 1 priorities for the University of Memphis and its students, faculty and staff.

In addition to making the strategic investments noted above to improve campus safety and security, the UofM is continuing to work with MLGW to improve lighting on perimeter neighborhood streets and collaborating with the City of Memphis Police Department to better coordinate efforts on police patrols on and around campus.

The UofM will also coordinate with other law enforcement and community partners such as the University Neighborhood Development Corporation to curb crime, specifically auto-related crime, which has been the source of most of our issues in and around campus.

This summer, Everbridge Crisis Management will be replacing LiveSafe as the University’s primary emergency communication system. Everbridge will orchestrate all crisis response activities, teams and resources to accelerate critical event recovery times and allow the UofM to continue prioritizing safety and security.