Stanford-Elsevier Ranking of Top 2% Top-cited Researchers Includes 42 from University of Memphis

December 19, 2023 - Forty-two University of Memphis researchers appear on the 2022 Stanford-Elsevier list of the world’s most-cited scholars. These scholars represent the pinnacle of research, and the University of Memphis showcases the diversity of its high performing scholarship with 18 departments and colleges represented. Research involves many facets, and creating an inclusive ecosystem that recognizes the diverse ways in which research can create impact is important to measuring the work of our faculty and community.

In context, this list also shows the strength of our researchers as leaders in the state and nationally. The University of Memphis (42) has more than twice the number listed faculty than all other public former TBR Universities in the state combined. And, the UofM has more listed faculty than University of Mississippi (39), Mississippi State University (33) and Baylor (39).

To create the publicly available database of top-cited scientists that provided this information, a group of scientists at Stanford University developed a ranking method based on standardized citation metrics that considers total number of authors in a publication and the order the author appears in with special emphasis given to lead authors. Originally published in the PLOS Biology Journal in 2020, Elsevier released the most recent update of the ranking in November 2022.

Current UofM researchers in the 2022 overall top 100,000 globally most highly cited scientists:

Biological Sciences

  • King Thom Chung
  • Reza Pezeshki
  • Thomas Sutter

Biomedical Engineering

  • Gary Bowlin
  • Joel Bumgardner
  • Ernő Lindner
  • Jae Young Rho
  • V. Turitto
  • John Leicester Williams

Center for Earthquake Research and Information

  • Charles Langston


  • Xiaohua Huang
  • Abby Parrill

Civil Engineering

  • Charles Camp
  • Shahram Pezeshk

Communication Sciences and Disorders

  • Robyn Cox
  • D. Kimbrough Oller
  • G.A. Studebaker
  • Gavin Bidelman

Computer Science

  • Dipankar Dasgupta
  • Stan Franklin
  • Kan Yang
  • Santosh Kumar

Earth Sciences

  • David London


  • John Smart

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Hasan Ali

College of Health Sciences

  • Richard Bloomer

Mathematical sciences

  • G.A. Anastassiou
  • Bela Bollobas
  • Robert Kozma
  • Vladimir Nikiforov
  • Roberto Triggiani

Mechanical engineering

  • Ali Fatemi
  • Gladius Lewis
  • Okenwa Okoli


  • Shaun Gallagher


  • J. Gayle Beck
  • Arthur Graesser
  • M. David Rudd

Public Health

  • James Gurney
  • Wilfried Karmaus
  • Kenneth Ward

School of Accountancy

  • Zabihollah Rezaee

Congratulations to these faculty for the prominence of their work and their contributions to our research ecosystem.

For full details and information on the methodology, visit Elsevier.digitalcommonsdata.com

For more information on this ranking, contact UofM Research & Innovation at research@memphis.edu.

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