UofM’s FedEx Institute of Technology and NUS-ISS Forge Strategic Partnership to Advance AI and Data Science Education  

June 20, 2024 — The FedEx Institute of Technology (FIT) at the University of Memphis and NUS-ISS at the National University of Singapore have announced a new collaboration to enhance AI and data science education. This partnership aims to leverage the strengths and expertise of both institutions to deliver cutting-edge training and innovative learning experiences. 

Under this strategic agreement, NUS-ISS’ AI and data science courses will be included in FIT’s training portfolio, empowering professionals and students in Memphis and beyond with essential digital skills.  Starting this September, adult learners and students of FIT can take up NUS-ISS’ Executive Education courses in Data Driven Decision Making, Data Storytelling and Machine Reasoning (AI). In October, two other courses will be added—Managing Business Analytics Projects and Problem-Solving Using Pattern Recognition.  

“In an increasingly interconnected world, global partnerships are central to servicing the technology skills and needs of global corporations,” said Jasbir Dhaliwal, Executive Vice President for Research & Innovation at the University of Memphis and Executive Director of the FedEx Institute of Technology. “This significant partnership in artificial intelligence with the top university in Asia builds on the recent announcement that Elon Musk’s xAI is building the world’s largest supercomputer [its gigafactory of compute] in Memphis. It helps us position our region as the AI capital of Tennessee and the Southeast serving global markets and clients.” 

Chan Meng Khoong, Chief Executive Officer of NUS-ISS, said, “This strategic partnership with the FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis marks a significant step toward advancing global education in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. It also represents a unique opportunity to merge our training expertise with FIT’s innovative spirit. At NUS-ISS, we are committed to providing high-quality training that empowers professionals to thrive in today's dynamic technological landscape. Together, we will cultivate a skilled workforce capable of harnessing the power of digital to address complex challenges and drive innovation across industries.” 

NUS-ISS is known for its comprehensive portfolio of programmes in critical industry disciplines such as data science, artificial intelligence, software development, cybersecurity and digital strategy. Course participants will benefit from NUS-ISS’s unique learning pathways, which combine rigorous academic knowledge with practical industry insights. The courses will be conducted both online and on-site, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for all learners. FIT will oversee the organization and marketing of the courses, ensuring they reach the right audience and maximise impact.  

This multi-year partnership is a testament to the power of global collaboration in driving educational excellence and innovation; and designed to be dynamic and responsive to the evolving needs of the digital landscape. Both the institute and NUS-ISS are committed to continuously reviewing and enhancing the course offerings, ensuring they remain at the forefront of technological advancement. 

About the University of Memphis 

The University of Memphis (UofM) is a comprehensive, internationally recognized, urban public research university preparing students for success in a diverse, innovative, global environment. Student success, service, innovation, diversity and inclusion, collaboration and accountability are core values at the University of Memphis. The University is classified as Carnegie R1 per the Carnegie Classification for Institutions of Higher Learning. With a focus on research and service benefitting communities locally and globally, we are home to nationally designated centers of excellence in cybersecurity research and education, transportation workforce development, mobile health data as well as five Tennessee centers of research excellence.  

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About the FedEx Institute of Technology 
The FedEx Institute of Technology (FIT) serves as the gateway to advanced research and innovation at the University of Memphis. It drives interdisciplinary research in emerging technologies, supporting clusters in AI, robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity, biologistics, agtech, smart biomaterials, electric vehicles, additive manufacturing and precision medicine. Housing the University's intellectual property and patent repository, it focuses on technology transfer and licensing. The Institute also enhances the regional technology workforce and partners with FedEx for advanced research, serving as the central hub for innovation in the Mid-South and offering training and collaboration in cutting-edge technologies. 

For more information, contact fedex@memphis.edu.

About National University of Singapore (NUS) 

The National University of Singapore (NUS) is Singapore’s flagship university, which offers a global approach to education, research and entrepreneurship, with a focus on Asian perspectives and expertise. We have 16 colleges, faculties and schools across three campuses in Singapore, with more than 40,000 students from 100 countries enriching our vibrant and diverse campus community. We have also established more than 20 NUS Overseas Colleges entrepreneurial hubs around the world. 

Our multidisciplinary and real-world approach to education, research and entrepreneurship enables us to work closely with industry, governments and academia to address crucial and complex issues relevant to Asia and the world. Researchers in our faculties, research centres of excellence, corporate labs and more than 30 university-level research institutes focus on themes that include energy; environmental and urban sustainability; treatment and prevention of diseases; active ageing; advanced materials; risk management and resilience of financial systems; Asian studies; and Smart Nation capabilities such as artificial intelligence, data science, operations research and cybersecurity.  

For more information on NUS, visit nus.edu.sg.  

About NUS-ISS 

Established in 1981, NUS-ISS nurtures digital talent for the industry through graduate education, executive education programmes, consultancy, applied research, and career services. NUS-ISS guides individuals and organisations to bridge future opportunities through a unique portfolio of multiple learning pathways such as blended learning and stackable programmes, leading the way in shaping the next curve of digital excellence. It offers a wide spectrum of programmes in critical industry disciplines, such as digital leadership, software development, data science, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, product management, smart health and digital innovation. 

To date, over 178,000 digital leaders and professionals, 8,410 corporate client organisations, and 8,160 graduate programmes alumni have benefitted from NUS-ISS’s suite of services. Its programmes are delivered by NUS-ISS staff with an average of more than 20 years of industry experience and supported by a strong network of partners. NUS-ISS also works with industry partners and associations locally and globally to co-create a digital learning ecosystem that inspires and shapes solutions for the digital economy.  

For more information visit, www.iss.nus.edu.sg.