MLCHE is committed to the promotion of health and the efficient delivery of health care in Memphis and Tennessee. We serve the Mid-South community through public speaking, participation in meaningful community-based healthcare and health-related initiatives by providing their knowledge and expertise to community-oriented public service projects. We have been active in the dissemination of healthcare knowledge in popular media, such as editorial articles, commentaries, and op-ed pieces for books, magazines, and newspapers.

Community Involvement

MLCHE works closely with The University of Memphis, other research centers, and community groups to:

  • Evaluate government health care programs such as TennCare
  • Research strategies to improve the efficiency of these programs
  • Study regional and state healthcare economic trends
  • Develop market analyses and business plans for stakeholders such as hospitals, nursing homes, and health plans
  • Disseminate best-practice models for improving employee health and cutting healthcare costs

Requests for consulting services should be made to Dr. Cyril Chang, director of MLCHE, through the Contact Us link.

ObamaCare Impacts on Tennessee and the Memphis Area

State and Local Resources

In addition to the Reports page of our website, the following sources provide information about health and health care in Tennessee.

Federal Health Care Agencies

Policy Resources

Teaching Resources