Clinical Research Opportunities

Research is ongoing at the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders. If you are interested in participating in research please consider the current projects below. [This page is still being edited for content.

Can video conferencing be a viable method to measure speech perception?

This study aims to develop a speech perception protocol to measure speech understanding using virtual meeting applications (zoom). There will be two sessions and each session will last no more than 45 minutes. Eligible participants must be native English speakers between 18 – 40 years of age. Participants must have normal hearing and cognition.

Contact: Bhanu Shukla for more information.

Posted 2/24/2021

The SPAT: Speech Perception Assessment Transducers

In this study we are examining the influence of different listening conditions on speech perception. The findings will help to improve methods when assessing speech perception in clinical and research settings. The session will last one hour or less. Participants should be native English speakers (18 - 45 years) with normal hearing sensitivity.

Contact: Monique Pousson for more information and scheduling.

Posted 2/3/2021

The Effect of Face Masks on Speech Perception Performance

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect that different face masks have on listening effort and speech perception performance. The session will last one hour or less. We are looking for participants who are between 18 and 80 years of age with no pre-existing or current middle ear abnormalities, diseases, or conditions. Normal hearing individuals and those with hearing loss can participate in this study.

Contact: Monique Pousson for more information and scheduling.

Posted 2/3/2021

Do emotions and stress change while wearing hearing aids?

This research explores whether wearing hearing aids can change people's emotions and stress in their daily lives. It involves 4-5 visits to the Hearing Aid Research Lab over 6 weeks. Each visit will last around 2-3 hours. Participants will also get to try a pair of current premium-level hearing aids.

For more information about this research contact us here. You can also email Jani Johnson, Rachel Huber, or Lipika Sarangi.

Posted 1/25/2021

Situational versus general patient traits in predicting readiness to pursue hearing treatment

This research will evaluate how people describe themselves and their behaviors in general situations and in situations related to their hearing loss. We will also try to identify traits that can predict their readiness to pursue treatment for hearing loss. Participants will complete this study remotely on their home computer or a smart-phone and it will take around two hours.

For more information about this research contact Lipika Sarangi or Jani Johnson.

Posted 10/17/2020