Memphis Speech and Hearing Center

Nationally known for helping adults, kids and infants communicate

It could be altered speech from a sudden stroke, hearing loss that seems to be getting worse, or light-to severe stuttering. Whatever you or a loved one is facing is probably scary and frustrating. Not being able to communicate with others can crush one's spirit. Most of us take our speech and hearing for granted, but for those facing impairments, there's a special center right here in Memphis to help.

The Memphis Speech and Hearing Center is part of the University's top ranked School of Communication Sciences and Disorders. People come from all over to be seen by our leading experts and to receive care that is compassionate and individualized.

Speech, voice, language and hearing impairments are communication disorders that are often first identified by family members, friends, doctors, or teachers.

Among the most notable signs of a communication disorder are:

  • speech and/or language that is distinctly and unfavorably different from others of the same age, gender, or ethnic group
  • speech and/or language that is difficult to understand
  • difficulty in hearing or understanding the speech of others
  • difficulty in understanding in noisy environments
  • a reluctance to communicate due to self-consciousness about speech, hearing and/or language ability

Information about specific disorders and advocacy information can be found at American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

To schedule an appointment, please call 901.678.5858.

For billing questions, confirming appointments, directions, information about the CAP program or general inquiries, you may email us at: MSHCadmin@memphis.edu.