Nonprofit Management Minor

The Division of Public and Nonprofit Administration offers an interdisciplinary minor in Nonprofit Management which includes courses that address competencies necessary for work in nonprofit organizations. The minor is open to students majoring in any department in the University or to special students who wish to enroll in order to take such a program.
Students who complete this minor and specified co-curricular activities will be eligible for certification in Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. The certification program is designed to build competencies in nonprofit administration through coursework, internships, volunteer opportunities, student association leadership activities and professional development workshops.


The Minor:

18 semester hours, three hours of a required course, and 15 hours from the guided electives.
Required course (3 hours):

Guided electives (15 hours):

Choose one from each category: (3 hours):
Accounting and Financial Management:

Organization and Administration:

Communication Skills:

Nonprofit Context:

Nonprofit Organizations: