Policy Review Board (PRB)

The University's Policy Review Board (PRB) assists in the formulation, review, and distribution of all University policies.


The Policy Review Board, a presidential standing committee, shall be comprised of representatives from the President and Provost's office, each Vice Presidential area of responsibility, Legal Counsel, Internal Audit, Athletics, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, and Information Technology (support). They are entrusted with assisting in the formulation, review, and distribution of all university policies. The PRB shall ensure that each policy is written clearly, in the standard format. They shall also make recommendations to the Executive Officers so that policies are compatible with values and strategic priorities of the university. The PRB shall meet as needed.


  • To coordinate, encourage, and support the complete review and reformatting of all University policies to improve accuracy, clarity, and consistency with University values and strategic priorities.
  • To identify and communicate conflicts between University policies and procedures and other policy sources.
  • To identify potential issues warranting University policy statements and recommend action by the appropriate Executive Officer.
  • To ensure that the University community is made aware of changes to policies when they occur.