Procurement and Contract Services Staff Directory

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No Photo Available   Constance Montague Butts

Nick A. Pappas
Executive Director
678.3855 | E-Mail


Constance Montague Butts
Assistant Director, Procurement Services
678.2353 | E-Mail

William Mueller   Karin Davis

William Mueller
Assistant Director, Contract Services
678.5348 | E-Mail


Karin Davis
Procurement System Specialist
678.3854 | E-Mail

Janet Hargrow   Kerri Reece

Janet Hargrow
Contract Specialist
678.1469 | E-Mail


Kerri Reece
Procurement Card Administrator
678.3775 | E-Mail

Jacqueline Robinson   No Photo Available

Jacqueline Robinson
Procurement Specialist
678.2266 | E-Mail

  Sharrion Smith
Procurement Specialist
678.3673 | E-Mail
Mark Thomas   No Photo Available
Mark Thomas
Procurement Compliance Officer
678.4121 | E-Mail
  Veda Wheeler
Jr. Procurement Specialist
678.3852 | E-Mail