Copier Vending

Instructions for Konica/Minolta | Instructions for Dex (Departmental Networked Copier Workflow)

Procurement and Contract Services provides copiers to departments to meet departmental copying needs. All copiers on campus are purchased or leased through Procurement and Contract Services. Departments will be billed on a per copy basis and the price per copy covers all costs except paper.

Procurement and Contract Services also furnishes all public copiers on campus. Copies are sold using Tiger Funds (declining balance cards on University ID card). Prices are set to cover the cost necessary to make copy service available to students at the lowest cost possible.

Meter readings are taken monthly by the key operator and recorded in the BusinessHub. Departments are billed on a per copy basis.

Procurement and Contract Services will assist departments in analyzing their copy needs and provide an appropriate copier. Please call 678.5234 or e-mail servicecenter@memphis.edu for copier needs.