Division of Research & Innovation

The Division of Research & Innovation supports world-class research and discovery by University faculty, staff, and students, who are asking bigger questions and generating better answers every day. As the Mid-South's premier research university, the University of Memphis is a nationally recognized research institution with top ranked programs in over 30 disciplines. While such rankings are important markers of our success, it is the impact of our research that matters most. Our research is creating the next generation of knowledge to, foster innovation, enhance economic development, and promote the dynamism that is part of this great city. Through research experiences in and out of the classroom with our award-winning faculty, students have unparalleled opportunities to learn about, and to prepare for the competitive global economy.

The University of Memphis, as an engaged learning community, celebrates:

  • The pursuit of excellence in teaching and research as the highest measures of successful achievement.
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration, artistic expression, and research as vehicles for leveraging our resources, solving problems, and multiplying our accomplishments.
  • The transfer and dissemination of knowledge with community stakeholders for the intellectual, economic, and social advancement of our community.
  • Innovation and creativity in everything we do.
  • Respect for diversity and individual worth.
  • Integrity and transparency in all our actions.
  • Responsible stewardship and conservation of resources.
  • Stewardship of wisdom, knowledge, and information created by our predecessors.
  • Leadership and involvement in the economic, social, and professional growth of the city of Memphis, the state of Tennessee, and the nation.


Fundamentally, the Division of Research & Innovation is responsible for advancing transformative excellence in research across campus; and growing the cutting edge capacity of Memphis. We do so by enabling the research success of our faculty through supporting university research centers, institutes, museums and core facilities; providing research development, stewardship, compliance and safety services; and securing strategic external partnerships.