Industry Research Clusters

Sometimes the best investment isn't in any single project, but in the cultivation of a research community that addresses the challenges of an industry in an innovative way. The Industry Research Cluster program was established to help those companies that want to take the lead in research-driven innovation in their respective industries, and help secure teams of researchers to address big challenges facing their companies.

Industry Research Clusters are established under the directive of a particular company and emphasize the value and power of interdisciplinary research. Working with faculty from across the University of Memphis and around the country, the Industry Research Clusters not only develop valuable targeted research, but they also help cultivate a community that the company can draw on for future collaborations.

Benefits to Companies:

  • Branded Research Clusters comprised of interdisciplinary teams of faculty
  • Establishment of a community to address industry challenges
  • First right of refusal for licensing of technology generated from initial investment
  • Cultivation of future avenues of research and new industry opportunities for your company


To set up a meeting to discuss how your company can sponsor a research cluster in your industry, email cbehles@memphis.edu