Research and Networking

The Division of Research and Innovation is offering a Research and Networking Breakfast Series. This is a monthly event with meetings in the spring and fall semesters. Each month we select a different topic to kick start conversations and researchers have the option to present for a few minutes. It is a great opportunity for faculty to network, learn new things, and possibly identify new interdisciplinary collaborations on campus.

Breakfast Series

  • February 27, 2019  "Omics"
    • Agenda
    • Presentations
      • Dr. Thomas Sutter, Department of Biological Sciences, "My Omics Epic"   More
      • Dr. Tit-Yee Wong, Department of Biological Sciences, "Translation-stop-signals-based Neural-Network - a novel method for metagenomic sequences binning"   More
      • Dr. Emily E. Puckett, Department of Biological Sciences, "Population Genomic Methods to Understand The Evolution of Bears" More
      • Dr. Shawn Brown, Department of Biology, "Omics Applications for Community Ecology"  More
      • Dr. Marie Van der Merwe, School of Health Studies, "Gut Microbiome" More
  • March 28, 2019  "Datasets"
    • Agenda
    • Presentations 
      • Dr. Youngsang Kwon, Earth Sciences, "Big Data for Global Change Ecology"   More
      • Dr. Elena Delavega, School of Social Work, "Datasets for Researching Poverty"  More
      • Dr. Philip Pavlik, Institute of Intelligent Systems/ Psychology Department, "LearnSphere: Sharing, analysis and collaboration across a wide variety of educational data"  More
      • Dr. Brent Morgan, Institute of Intelligent Systems, "Tracking a Learner's Cognitive and Affective States"  More
      • Dr. Pankaj Jain, Department of Finance, "FISC Business Dataset"  More
      • Dr. Thomas McInish, Department of Finance, "Trades and Quotes Dataset"  More
      • Dr. Andrew Guthrie, Department of City and Regional Planning, "Access to Jobs by Transit in Memphis" 
  • April 24, 2019  "Data storage, data management, privacy & security, and legal aspects" 
    • Agenda
    • Presentations
      • Dr. Dipankar Dasgupta, Department of Computer Science, "Data Privacy, Security and Management"   More
      • Dr. Pankaj Jain, Department of Finance, "FISC: Financial infrastructure, Stability and Cybersecurity Center"  More
      • Dr. Vladimir Ambartsoumian, Business Information and Technology Department, "Can Spam Be Useful" More