About OPAM

The Office of Post Award Management (OPAM) is an initiative between the Division of Research and Innovation, the Chief Financial Officer, and the Vice President for Business and Finance that is organized to offer “One-Stop-Shop” post-award support and services to the campus research community. As the liaison between investigators and departments and the Office of Sponsored Programs and Grants and Contracts Accounting, the OPAM team will work closely with the Research Support Analysts (RSAs) trained in financial and post-award management processes for research administration. We will ensure the efficiency and timely processing of all new and continuing awards in accordance with university, sponsor, state, and federal regulatory guidelines. The University of Memphis is responsible for administering and managing all awards received.


At OPAM, our vision is to facilitate post-award management through collaboration, responsiveness, analysis, and compliance efforts to ensure University, sponsor, state, and federal policies, procedures, and guidelines are followed throughout the award life cycle. Our mission is to provide a one-stop-shop office that streamlines the management of University sponsored projects. From award set-up to closeout, we aim to deliver post-award services and support that enable the successful completion of projects and sponsor requirements. We work to ensure our research community has the proper information, guidance, tools, and resources for post-award activities and partner with the centralized (OSP & GCA) and decentralized (Department, PIs & BOs) research units to foster accountability by all parties to create a streamlined post-award management process that alleviates many of the bottle-necks that cause delays at all stages of post-award management.


We cannot stress enough that OPAM serves as a One-Stop-Shop for post-award management. What does this mean. By placing emphasis on “One-Stop-Shop" we want to convey to our research community that our office is here to provide assistance with all post-award management needs. This include providing the status of an award for setup, means that the OPAM team will work closely with Principal Investigators and Departmental Support Staff to assist in the management of awards to ensure university, federal, state and local agency compliance is always at the forefront of processing awards from acceptance to closeout. cSAs are the facilitators between the Principal Investigator/Departmental Research Administrators or Business Officers, and the central research units, which include the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Grants and Contracts Accounting (GCA). The RSAs will collaborate with the Principal Investigators and Business Officers to provide individualized assistance for post-award project matters as outlined below.  


  • Advise PIs regarding the specifications and obligations to the NoA and the terms and conditions of their project(s).
  • Advise PIs on the setup of their award(s) to ensure a timely start of the project.
  • Advise PIs and DRAs regarding university and sponsor prior approval requirements for changing aspects of the project. Changes include changes in PI, scope of work, reduction in effort or absence from the project, budget revisions, and no cost extensions.
  • Serve as the liaison among the central research units (OSP & GCA), the DFA, and the PI.
  • Interpret university, sponsor, state, and federal policies and regulations related to the terms and conditions of awards.
  • Offer information sessions on key issues and topics regarding post-award management.
  • One-stop-shop for PIs and DFAs for post-award management from award setup to closeout.
  • Offer resources and tools that assist PIs and DFAs with research administration and award management.
  • Serve as the liaison between the PI, project staff, and the central research administrative units (OSP and GCA) through award setup and during the life of the award for any applicable post award issues.
  • Monitor and coordinate the various responsible offices in submitting project reports required by the terms and conditions of the award and the administrative closeout of the project when the award expires. Assisting in the completion of all closeout procedures as appropriate.
  • Review daily award feed and collaborate with OSP and GCA to analyze status for full execution of award setup.

The University of Memphis is responsible for the administration and management of all awards received. 


265 Administration Building
Memphis, Tennessee 38152

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