Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOI)

Federal regulations, state laws and University policies recognize that researchers may have financial interests, including foreign financial interests, in research sponsors and/or in entities with business interests closely related to their research. The term "conflict of interest in research" refers to situations in which financial or other personal considerations may have the appearance of compromising a researcher's professional judgment in conducting or reporting research.

In order to ensure that all employees engaging in sponsored research recognize, manage and report financial conflicts of interest, training is required at the following points:

  • Prior to engaging in sponsored research
  • Updated training every four years
  • Annual training if there is an active financial conflict of interest
  • If the researcher is found to be not in compliance with this financial conflict of interest policy.

The University of Memphis has elected to use the COI course of the CITI Program.

Disclosure of Financial Conflict of Interest Form

When you complete the form, it will be sent to Research Compliance for review.

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Policy:  RE7003 Disclosure of Financial Interests Related to Sponsored Research

Managed Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOI) with Research Funded by Public Health Service (PHS)


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