Awards from federal agencies are currently governed by the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (UG) 2 CFR 200. These regulations are better known as the Uniform Guidance, or UG. The UG superseded the previous Office of Management and Budget (OMB A-21, A-110 and A-133) Circulars. The Uniform Guidance became effective on December 26, 2014. New awards for grants and cooperative agreements made after the effective date are subject to the Uniform Guidance.

In order to streamline, address, and implement the Uniform Guidance, the Federal Government published the Research Terms and Conditions (RTC). Similar to the Uniform Guidance, these will be the base terms and conditions for research funding from agencies that have adopted the RTC. Many agencies will supplement the RTCs with Agency Specific Requirements (ASR’s).

The following list provides award guidance for the federal agencies that provide the majority of federal funding for research at University of Memphis.


National Science Foundation (NSF)

The NSF uses their Research.gov electronic system for award management.

Awards from NSF are governed by the Uniform Guidance and the terms set forth in the NSF Proposal & Award Policies Procedures Guide (PAPPG) and the National Science Foundation Grant General Conditions (GC-1).


National Institutes of Health (NIH)

The NIH uses their eRA Commons electronic systems for award management.

NIH awards are subject to the Uniform Guidance as well as the terms and conditions set forth in the NIH Grants Policy Statement.


Department of Energy (DOE)

The DOE utilizes their Portfolio Analysis and Management System (PAMS) for award management.

DOE awards are governed by the Uniform Guidance. DOE has supplemented the UG with their own guidance, which is published in the Code of Federal Regulations as 2 CFR 910.


Office of Naval Research (ONR)

ONR awards are not currently managed by any electronic system.

ONR awards are subject to the Uniform Guidance and the R&D General Terms and Conditions.


Other Agencies:

Similar to the agencies listed above, some of the following federal agencies also function with their own award terms and conditions in addition to those incorporated by the Uniform Guidance.

For agencies that have their own award terms and conditions in addition to the UG, they are linked after the name of the agency below. Always be sure to read the award document for any special terms and conditions and links to updated award guidance.