Non-Financial Post-Award

·         Award Relinquishment
·         Carry-forward of unobligated balance
·         Revised budget
·         Fabricated Equipment
·         Change of Personnel
·         Effort change for PI or other key personnel
·         Extended absence of PI
·         PI or Co-I change
·         Change of department
·         New award
·         No-cost Extension


Changes resulting from circumstances not anticipated during the proposal stages of the project are sometimes necessary after an award is made. These changes can be programmatic or financial in nature.  Some changes require the sponsor’s prior written approval, others may be authorized internally by the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP).  The level at which approval may be granted depends upon the type of sponsored research award and the sponsor’s specific policies for that type of award.  Refer to the sponsor’s guidelines award documents then contact your OSP Administrator with specific questions regarding such changes.


Initiating Prior Approvals

Prior approval is required in advance of making the change. Requests should be in writing, addressed to the sponsor, signed by the Principal Investigator and countersigned by an authorized official from the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP).  The request should be submitted to OSP .