Animal Care and Use Program

The University of Memphis Animal Care and Use Program is responsible for the regulatory and veterinary oversight of all research activities involving animals within the Institution.
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

The IACUC is responsible for the oversight of the Animal Care and Use Program and its components as described in the Public Health Service (PHS) Policy on the Humane Care and use of Laboratory Animals, and the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, and oversees compliance with all applicable regulations, laws and University Policies.

The IACUC accomplishes this by:

  • Reviewing all requests for approval to use vertebrate animals
  • Providing guidance on humane and ethical use of animals in research
  • Providing ongoing oversight of facilities and animal care through inspections


IACUC Protocol Application form
IACUC Protocol Amendment form


UofM Research Veterinary Pathologist offers Consultation Services

Dr. Robert Read, research veterinary pathologist, is now offering consultations and services to researchers at the University of Memphis and in the Mid-South. The services offered will include publication and grant support, training in necropsy and histological technique. Researchers can also receive supervision and direct services of necropsy and histopathological evaluation of tissues. Dr. Read specializes in gross and microscopic evaluation of animals and tissues from experimental studies, with a vast knowledge in rodent pathology, genetically engineered rodents, animal models of human disease and toxicological pathology.

For more information on Read and services offered, email rwread@memphis.edu or call 901.678.5159.