Institutional Information

Filling out Sponsor forms frequently requires information about the University's authorized officials, registration numbers and codes, Congressional Districts, and Tax ID number. Scroll down for the information most commonly requested, or follow these live links to access our Indirect Cost Rate Agreement & Fringe Rate information on budgeting tuition/fees, or information on Core Facilities or Equipment available on campus.  

Can't find what you need? E-mail OSP@memphis.edu or call your sponsored programs officer.

UM Legal Name and Address

Authorized Signing Official for Awards and Contracts

Authorized Organization Representative

Authorized Financial Officer

University office to which checks should be mailed

SAMS Registration

Organizational Codes

Tax Information

Congressional Districts

Cognizant Agency

UM Legal Name and Address:
The University of Memphis
315 Administration Building
Memphis, Tennessee 38152-3370
Shelby County


Authorized Signing Official for Awards and Contracts:
Dr. Jasbir Dhaliwal, Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation
303 FIT Building
Memphis, TN 38152
901.283.9988 (p)


Authorized Organization Representative:
Makeda Marie Porter, Associate Director for Pre-Award Services
Division of Research and Innovation
315 Administration Building
Memphis, TN 38152
901.678.4146 (p)


Authorized Financial Officer:
Linda Heide, Director for Post-Award Services
275 Administration Building
Memphis, TN 38152
901.678.4769 (p) 901.678.3595 (f)


University office to which checks should be mailed:
PO BOX 1000, Dept 313
Memphis, TN 38148-0313


SAMS Registration:
ENTITY: University Of Memphis
UEI #: F2VSMAKDH8Z7  ** Note: UEI# is required by NSF as opposed to DUNS# **
DUNS: 055688857
CAGE Code: 0LSB5 
NAICS #: 611310
Expiration Date: Sep 27, 2024
Has Active Exclusion?: No
Debt Subject to Offset?: No
FAR Report
FAR & DFAR Report


Organizational Codes:
Federal Entity Identification No. (FEIN): 62-0648618
FICE Code: 003509
MPIN #: 19471969A
Awardee Code for NSF: 0035097000
NIH IPF #: 127460
Certificate of Self-Insurance (PDF)
State of Tennessee Single Audit

Tax Information:
University of Memphis is an exempt organization under 501(c)
*Tax exempt form
Type of organization: Public Institution of Higher Education


Congressional Districts:
U.S. Congressional District: TN09 (Steve Cohen)
TN Senate: District 33 (London Lamar)
TN House of Representatives: District 91 (Torrey Harris)
Development District: TN Department of Economic/Community Development District 9


Cognizant Agency:
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Darryl W. Mayes (Darryl.Mayes@psc.hhs.gov)
Animal Welfare Assurance #: A-3919-01
IRB #: IRB00000625
Human Subjects Assurance #: FWA00006815
Equal Opportunity Compliance
EOC #: 012330468 (through 01/31/2023)
Vendor #: A0641
Edison Vendor ID: 0000002017