Award Management

The second step in the post-award life cycle is award management. At this point, the award has been fully executed and issued from the OSP, and the award is set up in the university’s Banner financial system with an account index and FOP by GCA for financial transactions to commence.

Award management is a shared, collaborative responsibility between the decentralized and centralized research administration units to oversee 2 CFR 200 regulatory guidelines and fiscal compliance requirements for awards.

Post-Award Management: 

The post-award management stage of research administration involves managing and monitoring activities, transactions, and processes of project accounts for accuracy, allowability, allocability, reasonability, and compliance according to the program requirements, award terms and conditions, university policies and procedures, and federal uniform guidance. In the daily management of awards, it is important that all parties involved in the research administration of awards understand the applicability of policies and guidance determinations.

Federal regulatory compliance requires applying policy for the management of awards to flow in the following order of precedence: 

Order of Precedence

Click on the buttons below to view activities and tasks typical for the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly oversight of the award. The departments typically lead or initiate the financial and HR support activities and tasks. 

    1. Effort MN Tracking Form
    2. Effort Reporting





  • PI Changes
  • Subrecipient Changes
  • Award Transfers
  • Award Closeouts 
  • Rebudgeting 
  • No Cost Extension  
  • Other Changes as needed 

  • UofM Policies and Procedures 
  • Award Terms & Conditions 
  • Sponsor Policies and Procedures 
  • Federal Regulations / Uniform Guidance 


Check out the Post-Award Toolbox for research related forms, resources, tools, and training. 

Roles & Responsibilities

Decentralized Research Administration

Decentral Research Administration includes the Principal Investigator (PI) and Department Research Administrators (DRA), which the UofM Business Officers (BO) serve in this role. PIs and DRAs are tasked with the following responsibilities in their oversight of awards.

  • Principal Investigator (PI)  
    • Scientific, technical, and programmatic aspects of the sponsored project.
    • Follows agency regulations and university policy for expenditures.
  • Department Research Administrator (DRA) - UofM Business Officers (BO) serve in this role.
    • Provides financial management and support to the PI for sponsored projects.
      • Financial Support to include regular monitoring/reconciliation of expenditures.
      • Human Resource Processes and Procedures.
      • Closeout of awards.

Centralized Research Administration

Central Research Administration includes the OSP and GCA and is tasked with the following primary responsibilities for the oversight of awards.

  • Grants & Contracts Accounting (GCA):
    • Primary contact with sponsor for financial reporting and closeout.
    • Liaison between PI, DRA, and sponsor.
    • Main point of contact for financial audits.
  • Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP):
    • Primary contact with sponsor.  
    • Authorized Official Representative for the UofM.
  • Office of Post Award Management (OPAM):
    • Liaison between central and decentral research units
    • Assists PIs/BOs by providing assistance and guidance with awards as needed.