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Emerging Technology Training

Creating Enterprise-Wide Training Solutions for your Digital Revolution

The FedEx Institute of Technology is a nationally recognized leader in technology innovation and workforce development. Leveraging industry best practices and research experts from around the world, we build training programs that solve the big challenges. Our training options are available for all skill levels, include online and in person training, and custom course development for organizations of all sizes. Contact fedex@memphis.edu to develop a workforce solution for your team.

Many of our course offerings are arranged through private scheduling tailored to the specific needs of your business. To view all of the training courses that we have to offer, visit our website at fittechtraining.com.



Summer & Fall 2024 Training Courses

The FedEx Institute of Technology is excited to offer a diverse range of upcoming courses. We invite you to explore and register for these engaging educational opportunities. To discover detailed information about our training programs and to secure your spot, please visit our dedicated website at fittechtraining.com.


AI Foundations

Designed to demystify Generative AI and its groundbreaking potential across industries. Join us for a full day of learning, hands-on experience, and networking with like-minded professionals eager to harness the power of AI.

June 20 | 8 AM-5 PM
FedEx Institute of Technology
Room 226

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Machine Learning

This introductory course in machine learning covers fundamental concepts, algorithms and techniques. Learners will learn how to uncover patterns to derive actionable insights. They can also expect engaging hands-on workshops to help them reinforce their understanding of the subject matter. As a concluding team project, learners will work as a group to create and train a Neural Network model to classify images.

June 24-27 | 8 AM-5 PM

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Managing Business Analytics Projects

This course brings together the latest thinking and best practices from 3 fundamental disciplines of product management, agile project management and data analytics. Professionals will understand, learn and be equip with the necessary knowledge, techniques and skills to successfully deliver the desired value and business outcomes.

July 15-17 | 8 AM-5 PM

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Data modeling and engineering is the role of data scientists/data analysts, business leaders and managers, having a critical role to play at the beginning and at the end of the process, framing the problems and analyzing the results to provide recommendations for sound decision making. These managers equally need to know and understand data science, combining it with their knowledge of the business and the business needs, to address challenges faced by the organization.

Sept. 23-27 | 8 AM-5 PM

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Predictive Analytics: Insights of Trends and Irregularities

This course will directly help participants utilise business data more effectively by deriving insights of trends and irregularities from data and applying them for forward-looking predictions. This is realised through building predictive models with appropriate analytical techniques. Ultimately, the company will gain a competitive advantage over its competitors as it would become more proactive in the way it does business and marketing and thereby reduce cost and increase return on investments.

Oct. 21-25 | 8 AM-5 PM

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Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (AI)

This course will be useful for IT and AI professionals to acquire advanced pattern recognition and machine learning techniques, especially deep learning techniques. Participants will learn how to select and apply the most suitable machine learning techniques to solve the given problems and develop intelligent systems. This course covers general principles and techniques with a unique focus on practical applications.

Nov. 18-22 | 8 AM-5 PM

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Bespoke Training Development

The FedEx Institute of Technology can assist your company in building customized training programs to fit your scale and needs. Training programs can offered both in-person or asynchronously. Please contact Rami Lotay (rslotay@memphis.edu) with any questions.