Reports and Deliverables

Many sponsors require periodic reports of progress during the life of an award. Typically, the minimum reporting period is annual. In many cases, the submission of interim reports is tied to the release of the anticipated funding for subsequent periods, so timely submission is important to ensure future funding is not jeopardized.  In many cases, OSP is responsible for reviewing and submitting progress reports on behalf of the PI.

In accordance with federal guidelines, most federal sponsors set the due date for the Annual Progress Report (APR) 90 days prior to the anniversary date of the grant. Be sure to review your award terms and agency guidelines carefully for reporting requirements. If you’re unclear when a report is due, contact your OSP Administrator.


The Research Performance Progress Report (“RPPR”) is annually required to report document grantee accomplishments and compliance with the terms of the NIH award. An RPPR is mandatory for all SNAP and Fellowship awards for the reporting due date on or after May 5, 2013.

If an RPPR is required, the report is initiated in eRA Commons by the Principal Investigator and thoroughly completed. Please note that detailed budgets are not required (unless specified); information is prefilled from eRA Commons where possible, and all NIH Compliance and Policy Questions are required to be completed. Upon successful completion of the RPPR, please route the report to your OSP Administrator for review.