What Can I Do With A Degree in Religious Studies?

In today's global economy and multicultural world, experience with differing cultures and religions can prove to be a great boon. In careers requiring meeting and communicating with people, having a good knowledge of incorporating multiple worldviews is key. A minor in Religious Studies is an excellent way to stand out in a highly competitive workforce, and the skills gained allow one to succeed in a wide range of careers, from business to education, law to medicine.

Occupation Mean Salary
College/University Professor $74,330.00
Foreign Student Adviser $55,030.00
Area and Cultural Studies Professor $75,130.00
Congressional Aide $56,000.00
Foreign Service Officer $65,200.00
Foreign Service Peacekeeping Specialist $60,500.00
Government Service Executive $167,280.00
Intelligence Specialist $65,860.00
Legislator $37,530.00
Political Scientist $101,050.00
Export Agent $85,470.00
Foreign Exchange Trader $91,390.00
Management Consultant $84,650.00
Operations Management Analyst $75,370.00
Real Estate Broker $78,360.00
Retail Buyer $55,480.00
Securities Broker $91,390.00
Travel Agent $32,450.00
Travel Counselor $32,450.00
Reporter $43,270.00
Foreign Language Interpreter $45,700.00
Social and Community Service Managers $61,240.00
Social Service Volunteer(Peace Corps, Vista) $40,530.00
Labor Relations Adviser $59,070.00
Market Research Analyst $67,500.00
Missionary Worker $46,960.00

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