Everyone should feel safe.

Above all else, we should feel we are learning and working in an environment that's never threatening, always friendly. That's why the SafeZone Program at the UofM was created — to fully support gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and questioning UofM students, faculty and staff. As we grow awareness for concerns relating to LGBTQ issues, it reinforces our commitment to diversity and civility, which are top priorities at the University of Memphis. And always will be.

Shifting Attitudes - Anti- LGBTQ bias is real and hurtful. It holds us back as a society — discouraging diversity and putting harmful limits on our relationships and roles in the campus community. Not to mention the negative impact it has on academic performance, school experiences, and the mental and emotional health of those discriminated against, as well as those who discriminate. In today's world, protection of LGBTQ students is more the exception than the rule. But change can come, starting at the grassroots level by people like you who are willing to make positive efforts through support, education, and publicity.

Be Part of the Change - SafeZones serve as a source of support and information free of judgment and hostility. SafeZone Allies will display the SafeZone logo to indicate that they have completed SafeZone certification and have signed a contract expressing their commitment to SafeZone policies and certification procedures. Outside of providing direct support for LGBTQ students, SafeZone members will be expected to challenge assumptions and prejudices related to sexual orientation and gender identity and to address heterosexist comments and/or behaviors in an educational, civil and informative manner.

Learn about SafeZone training!

If you would like additional information regarding Safe Zone training, including having your department or class trained, or if you would like to serve as a Safe Zone trainer, please contact Victoria Jones at vmaher@memphis.edu.