Safe Zone Certifications

Safe Zone 1:
Engage in activities and lectures that involve critical discussion of gender and sexuality issues.
Participate in group recommendations to help solve issues of privilege, bias, and identity

Safe Zone 2:
Participate in tabletop discussions designed to create inclusion for all genders on campus and in the community
Learn about languages, concepts, and trends of gender identity

*Safe Zone 1 must be completed before Safe Zone 2

Looking to have Safe Zone for your department or group? Visit our outreach page to request a date for your organization

If you are interested in learning more information in the meantime, please consult our resource list, glossary, or The Safe Zone Project self guided safe zone training

If you would like additional information regarding Safe Zone 1 or 2 training or if you would like to serve as a Safe Zone trainer, please contact Victoria Jones at vmaher@memphis.edu or Chelsea Liddell cdlddell@memphis.edu